Functional Genomics 2018 Annual Meeting

The Functional Genomics Program is an NIH-funded U19 whose goal is to further the understanding of the functions of uncharacterized genes in infectious disease pathogens, both bacterial and viral. The program applies state-of-the-art technologies to determine the biochemical function(s) of hypothetical genes, unknown open reading frames, and noncoding RNAs.

By improving the genomic annotation of microbial pathogens, new avenues are opened for the development of potential new targets for medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.

The program distributes data, software, and reagents generated from the research projects to the broader scientific community.

The 2018 annual meeting will be held April 9-10 at the University of Chicago Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences. The meeting will feature several scientific sessions, including presentations from senior personnel and trainees. Functional Genomics Project personnel, Steering Committee members, and NIH Program officials are invited to attend.

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